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Viral Marketing

“Viral Marketing” – as the name suggests, is a marketing technique that spreads very much like a virus – with great speed. TIS can assist in formulating your Viral marketing in various forms – web pages, sms, emails, e-books, video clips, or interactive games.

Viral Marketing needs “buzz words” and TIS has the in-house capability to draw up the most suitable “buzz words” for your products and brands. TIS can advise you on Search engine optimization (SEO), Social media optimization (SMO), choosing the most popular Internet search engines and blog, television, and radio and also suggest integration with smartphones. TIS can also design unique customer friendly interactive polls.


  1. TIS has worked with many international clients.
  2. TIS helps you choose unique buzzwords and keywords, words which prompt people to pass on information so that the message spreads like a virus.
  3. TIS can assist you to ensure that you receive traffic from major search engines.
  4. TIS staff can design an extremely appealing Viral Marketing strategy for you – one which will catch the attention of your family, colleagues, friends, and acquaintances almost immediately.
  5. TIS can offer sound advice on the medium you should use to launch the Viral Marketing Programmes.
  6. TIS professionals can help generate useful, attractive and quality content for potential clients.