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Search Engine Marketing Services

“Search Engine Marketing” is a term coined by Danny Sullivan. Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing visibility in the results pages of a search engine through advertising and optimization in the form of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). SEM may use search engine optimization (SEO)or pay per click listings. The primary money-makers for search engine’s proved to be pay-per-click programs.

TIS can help you learn about the advertising opportunities offered by search engines and the most efficient way of using them. TIS can assist you with unique techniques of utilizing these opportunities in a way that is extremely beneficial for your business.

TIS can keep you updated on the ways and methods by which SEM covers the entire gamut of activities involved in performing SEO.


  • TIS can manage your paid listings with the search engines, develop your online marketing strategies and submit sites to directories, organizations, and individuals.
  • TIS has the best knowledge of keyword research –identifying the most popular and relevant keywords for your site and products and advise you on how to use those keywords in a way that will generate and convert traffic towards your website.
  • TIS is an expert in using the major tools for measuring Website saturation and popularity. TIS can keep track and analyze how much presence a website has a search engine and the backlinks associated with the site.
  • TIS has the best expertise in working with tools that are based on page tagging, tag-based analytic programs, and transaction-based tools.
  • TIS can equip you with tools that provide information on the owners of various websites as well as information relating to copyright and trademark issues etc.
  • TIS can boast of an international list of clients