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e-Learning Module

Distance Education, Part-time Education, Educating oneself while working are some of the systems which would require digital learning tools. E-learning Modules is one such tool.

TIS can develop the most interesting, attention holding and interactive E-Learning Modules for you. Whether your modules is meant for one person or a group of persons, TIS can take care of this with ease and efficiency.

The E-learning Modules that TIS develops will not only engage the student in the content but also enables them to assess how much new knowledge they had gained. While designing E-learning Modules, TIS keeps in mind the target students, assesses how much they already know and then designs and creates the Modules to include information that is new and interesting at the same time, thus taking care of the needs of the target students.


  • TIS makes a professional assessment of the knowledge that has to be imparted, the knowledge seekers, their age group, their qualifications etc. and then begin to design the e-Learning Module.
  • TIS has a creative, qualified and competent team which will not only create an interesting and interactive e-Learning Module but will also give equal weight to the actual content of the Module, keeping in mind copyright issues as well.
  • TIS makes a thorough assessment of what the result of the study of the e-learning outcome should be so that the student is aware of what will be gained by studying a given e-Learning Module.
  • TIS includes interactive assessments so that students can do a self-assessment of the knowledge gained.
  • TIS conducts a survey of other information material available on the subject and suggests these sources as references in the e-Learning Module.
  • has a professional team which can assist you in creating advertisements which match the content of websites or domains where you would like to have your ads placed.
  • TIS makes sure that all information included in the Modules is updated and accurate.
  • TIS has developed a number of e-Learning Modules for many international clients.