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Cost Per Click Services

Cost per click (CPC) is another name for Pay-per-click (PPC). CPC is used to direct traffic to a website and is a very effective advertising model used on the internet and is mostly available in the sponsored section of most search engines. Advertisers pay the website on reach time their ad is clicked. As most search engines have auction-based bidding systems where there is a wide difference between the minimum and maximum cost of keywords- you could end up wasting a lot of effort and money, if you are not careful. TIS can assist you with bidding on the right keywords or phrases which will help target the relevant customers and drawn them to you.


  1. TIS can boast of an international list of clients.
  2. TIS can ensure you that you will definitely receive traffic from major search engines.
  3. TIS will install tracking tools which can measure your (ROI) – Return on Investment.
  4. TIS can setupyour Account, write all the Titles and Descriptions, conduct Keyword research and recommend the best options to you. TIS has the expertise to recommend only the best keywords that can maximize profits for you.
  5. TIS has a professional team which can design your landing page, assist you with tracking code installations and testing services on your website.
  6. TIS offers a weekly or monthly management and maintenance with weekly or monthly reporting. However, if you do not wish to outsource the management and maintenance, TIS can offer to train you so that you are able to do your own Web management.
  7. TIS professionals can help generate useful and quality content for potential clients