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A well planned and fully equipped throughout 3D walk-through can create a very emotional and intense experience for your project, even though it may still be at a conceptual stage. Viewers can get a feel of and actually visualize what your imagination will physically create in time to come when the project is completed. In common language, it is a “virtual tour”. Whether it is a luxury apartment complex, a shopping mall, an industrial plant or a parking lot – 3D Walk-through take you on a handheld tour.

Walk-through is a term that means “Step-by-Step demonstration of a procedure or process.” and 3D Walkthrough belongs to 3D Architecture of your visualization. TIS works on that to visualize your imagination in 3D like it’s come true. We work for you to help you understand more to your Architecture. TIS team work very hard to make your Architecture to visualize you.

OUR Technology

TIS works in close association with architects, realtors, and developers, to help visualize the project and create the 3D walk-through. After a brief description of the exterior – the structure, the materials and design, the façade, the architecture, the landscape including information on little details such as, the roads, the hedges, the fences and the surroundings in general, the 3D walk-through of the interiors will dwell upon the light (intensity, reflection, illumination etc.) the textures and colors, the different fixtures and fittings, and the different objects within each room. This can be done along with 3D animation and effective sound, if necessary. As your project takes shape, the 3D walkthroughs can be modified to portray any design changes that have been incorporated since the inception.

Our Process


The Entire process starts with client’s requirement. We understand your concept, your needs and add our creative dimension to it. It makes your idea stand different from others.



Start 3D modeling, texturing, rigging, lighting and animation as per requirement.


Post Production

This is the last stage of the production process where output is generated according to the required format. We have technical capabilities to generate almost any type of output.


Final Output

As per client requirement, we convert the animated file to mp4,avi,mpeg etc and handover the file.



The TIS creative team has excellent visualization capabilities and pay attention to the remotest details of the exteriors as well as the interiors.
TIS uses the most Modern technology and the latest software tools
The “out-of-the-box” thinking capability of our creative team

We create 3D Architectural walk-through that really drive business, even before, you start the construction of your project.   Our creative team will help you to pre-visualize and design and market any Architectural Projects. Whether it is a big township, apartment projects, or industrial or commercial buildings, our team of experts will help you to get a business winning and appealing 3D walk-through. 3D Innovative designed walk-through serves multidimensional usage. It can be used for a verity of business promotional programs.

Walk-Through Application

Architectural Visualization

Construction Applications

Interior Decoration

Real-Estate Development

Engineering Simulations




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