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2D Animation Showcase

At The Imagine Studio, we ensure that our 2D Animation suits your requirements and takes your initial concepts into consideration for a high-quality result. Over a period of 10+ years, we have provided 2D Animation Services to a number of satisfied clients. We have expert designing team for the 2d animation showcase. We gives the best design of your creative idea. We have an amazing team of artists and technicians. Our production pipeline is efficient and The imagine studio delivers high quality 2d animation showcase work on time and on budget. From script to story reel, character design to digital performance. The imagine studio has the talent and infrastructure to create and execute projects of any scale and complexity.

2d animation showcase

2d animation showcaseThe animation Showcase helps to promote animated movies and its filmmakers on this world, and produce it on the Innovative market, animation studios and general audience.

The animation Showcase” was Started by Benoit Berthe Siward in December 2015. Since its first event, The animation Showcase welcomed top animation from worldwide and many of the projects screened and premiered there, have gone on to get various awards including Oscars. Notable titles include “Borrowed Time” (Academy Award Nominated),“Garden Party” (Academy Award Nominated) and “Piper,” (Academy Award winner in 2016). Every Year four of the five films Nominated for the Academy Award for Animated Short Film, are spotted and screened at The Animation Showcase.

2D animation is the perfect marketing and explainer tool for your business services and products 2D animation and visualizations are more well-known than ever before, with numerous companies showcasing their animated adverts equally on Television set and on the internet. Whether it be an advertisement for your new marketing campaign, explainer animation, informative videos showcasing a product or selling a service or perhaps even just looking to promote brand awareness; 2D Animation can be used to visualize, demonstrate entertain and educate.